SHENZHEN HEKAI TRADING CO.,Selling high-end LED Accessories,Include: silicone, epoxy, phosphor, silver plastic, rubber insulation, porcelain Tsui protective film,Supply:LED silicone-LED silver colloid-LED phosphors-LED plastic insulation-Epoxy resin,Welcome to order.

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  SHENZHEN HEKAI TRADING CO., LTD. Is engaged in the company which the overseas LED accessories import proxy sells. Our products enjoy a high status among consumers, has a good resource advantages, the introduction of various regions of the world quality products, committed to providing customers with quality products and services.

  The sales products include Silicone, Phosphor, Conductive Adhesive, Insulate Adhesive, Epoxy etc.
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The company supplies products:LED silicone-LED silver colloid-LED phosphors-LED plastic insulation-Epoxy resin Tel: 0755-28099970/28189170/28189033
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